Food & Wine


Good food and wine, unique moments at the dining table are experiences we wish to offer to our guests. Toni Aikasalo, a wine enthusiast and a passionate chef specialised in private functions, is at your service. With many years of experience, Toni and his team will create a menu for your event, with suitable wines, exactly according to your requirements.

"Just like when people first get to know each other, there are some really pleasant wines, too, that just ”click” at the first time. You don’t need a long period of acquaintance with all your new friends, but things just work well already during your first get-together. This could be the friendship between the slightly bubbly Comtes and the matching chestnut soup, or the hot-blooded Spanish Artadi, served with grilled lamb. We want the overall ensemble to be the best we can possibly offer,” Toni Aikasalo shed the light on his philosophy of wines.

Our selection includes wines imported and represented by Winestate. This selection includes hundreds of wines from all over the world. The high-quality wines from Winestate have an excellent price to quality ratio. You can choose the most suitable wines for your dining experience together with the chef.

Toni Aikasalo, chef de cuisine

Toni Aikasalo
Chef de cuisine




Menu 1

Jerusalem artichoke and whitefish roe (as an amuse-bouche)
Salmon, squash and marjoram
Domestic marbled steak, cauliflower and béarnaise
Milk chocolate namelaka, blueberries and lemon


Menu 2

Scallops, fennel and cucumber (as an amuse-bouche)
Tartare, onion and Appenzeller
Pike perch, cauliflower and browned butter hollandaise
Glazed veal cheek, emmer and black root
Vanilla financier, cloudberries and liquorice



White 1: Fransola, from Catalonia
White 2: Cordillera Chardonnay, from Chile

Red 1: Celeste Crianza, from Ribera del Duero
Red 2: Salmos, from Priorat